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Press Releases
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April 3, 2017 Liberian Registry launches innovative new website
Feb. 13, 2017 Liberian Registry launches innovative new website
Jan. 09, 2017 Liberian Registry strengthens Asia team to meet growing demand
Dec. 12, 2016 Liberia says flag states must be proactive in difficult market conditions
Nov. 04, 2016 Liberia leads drive to ensure effective implementation of BWMC
Oct. 21, 2016 Liberia provides lead with BWMS proposal to IMO meeting
Oct. 12, 2016 Liberia trials class and statutory e-certificates on ClassNK ships
Oct. 10, 2016 Liberia Registry makes key appointments in UK, Panama, US and Turkey
June 08, 2016 Liberia is first ship registry to recognise Green Award ships
June 06, 2016 Liberian Registry launches electronic oil record book
June 03, 2016 Liberian Registry introduces cost-saving measures
April 15, 2016 Liberia’s compliance assistance programme shortlisted for Lloyd’s List award
April 14, 2016 Liberia remains number one open register for Greek shipowners
March 23, 2016 LISCR chief says integrity is essential to success and safety in shipping
Feb. 01, 2016 Liberian Registry reaches 4,000-ship milestone
Nov. 18, 2015 Liberian Registry appoints new general manager for London
Nov. 10, 2015 Liberia launches enhanced web-based liability certificate facility
Oct. 07, 2015 Liberian Registry appoints new investigations vice-president
Sept. 22, 2015 Third award nomination for Liberian Registry Eco-Upgrade Programme 
August 25, 2015 Liberian Registry shortlisted for the Ship Efficiency Awards 2015
July 17, 2015 Liberian Registry selected as finalist for Lloyd's List innovation award 
May 07, 2015 Liberian Registry strengthens position as safest major flag by investing in new technology 
April 13, 2015 Liberia number one open register for Greek owners and operators
April 07, 2015 Liberian Registry establishes Istanbul regional office
March 12, 2015 Liberia takes the lead on wreck removal certification
March 04, 2015 LISCR appoints new managing director for Hong Kong
Jan. 28, 2015 Liberian Registry launches green ship initiative
Jan. 15, 2015 Liberia is a party to the Nairobi Wreck Removal Convention
Dec. 17, 2014 Liberia is number one flag of choice for Greek owners and operators
Dec. 03, 2014 Liberia releases mandatory MLC compliance report
Nov. 11, 2014 Liberian Registry provides MOL-funded medical supplies to Ebola-hit Liberia
Oct. 27, 2014 Liberian Registry backs IMO advice on Ebola virus
Sept 28, 2014 Liberian Registry appoints new manager in Dubai
July 28, 2014 Panama's Alfonso Castillero joins Liberian Registry 
June 30, 2014 Paris MoU confirms Liberia as best-performing major ship registry
June 24, 2014 Liberia says shipping does not need new regulations
May 28, 2014 Liberia concludes Kerala hijacking investigation
April 25, 2014 LISCR appoints new general manager for London
April 11, 2014 Liberia strengthens market position as private equity gets into shipping
March 25, 2014 Liberia authorises Croatian Registry of Shipping to act as a Recognized Organization
March 05, 2014 Liberia launches innovative app for shipping industry
Feb 06, 2014 Hijacking of KERALA
August 30, 2013 Liberia storms ahead on MLC certification
August 21, 2013 Liberian International Ship & Corporate Registry appoints new vice-president
August 19, 2013 YCF Group expands management team in Germany
August 05, 2013 Liberia launches online MLC complaints resolution form for seafarers
Jan 29, 2013 Time for opennes on ship registry, says Liberia
Jan 07,2013 LISCR appoints new president and managing executive officer for Japan
August 27, 2012 Liberia welcomes MLC ratification and trains record number of inspectors
May 31, 2012 Liberian Registry uses advance vessel screening to cut detention rates
April 18, 2012 Liberia the main beneficiary as Greek controlled fleet hits record deadweight levels
Nov 30, 2011 Liberia re-elected to IMO Council
Oct 12, 2011 Liberian Registry co-operating fully in Rena salvage operation
Sept 28, 2011 Liberian Registry grants honorary master's licence to Mission to Seafarers director
Sept 09, 2011 Scott Bergeron Appointed CEO of LISCR
June 07, 2011 Indian Registry appointed as Recognised Organisation by Liberia
May 26, 2011 Liberia's commitment to quality recognised by Qualship admittance  
April 01, 2011 Liberia issues first Maritime Labour Convention Certificate
Feb 18, 2011 Liberia completes first SRPS audit for MLC compliance
Feb 04, 2011 Liberia's IMO contribution is single largest payment from a memebr state
Jan 27, 2011 Liberian-flag fleet doubles in ten years as ship numbers reach 3,500
Jan 04, 2011 Liberian Registry appoints Hilary Spilkin as Vice President & Director of Corporate Registry
Nov 30, 2010 Liberia authorised by new Port State Control inspection regime
Sep 15, 2010 Owners looking at flag price rather than cost
August 18, 2010 LISCR appoints new Operations Manager in Tokyo
August 02, 2010 LISCR appoints new General Manager for London
May 07, 2010 Liberia launches VOC management plan approval service
March 23, 2010 Liberian Registry developes pilot scheme for extended drydocking
March 08, 2010 Liberian Registry breaks historic 100m mark
July 22, 2009 Liberia introduces new mortgagee act to safeguard maritime interests
March 20, 2009 Three thousand and counting as Liberia welcomes Tsakos newbuilding
Feb 02, 2009 New managing director for LISCR's relocated Hamburg Office
Aug 20, 2008 LISCR appoints new General Manager for London
Aug 11, 2008 Liberia ratifies major international conventions
June 03, 2008 Liberian Registry celebrates 60 years
Jan 07, 2008 Liberia sets all-time ship and tonnage records
March 15, 2007 Liberian Registry undertakes successful IMO audit
Feb 08, 2007 Liberia's IMO payment underlines commitment to maritime industries
Dec 18, 2006 Liberian Registry appoints Managing Director in Japan
Jul 10, 2006 Liberian Registry explains maritime legislation familiarisation
May 22, 2006 Liberian Registry launches Japanese service drive
Dec 07, 2005 New head of certification for Liberian Registry
Nov 01, 2005 Owners opt for Liberian Registry joint audits
Apr 18, 2005 Liberian Registry takes lead by harmonising ISM and ISPS Audits
Aug 04, 2004 Liberia excels again in Paris MoU White List
Feb 16, 2004 Liberia signs landmark accord with US to suppress WMD proliferation by sea
Aug 06, 2003 Liberian Registry appoints Capt. David Pascoe as new Safety and Standards Chief
Feb 25, 2003 Liberia’s biometric verification programme under way
Apr 17, 2003 Liberian registry takes ISPS training and verification initiative
July 29, 2003 Liberian Registry applauds Ukraine boost for tanker owners
July 15, 2003 Liberia leads the field in seafarer identification technology
Aug 30, 2002 Industry hails Liberia's lead on air pollution control
Feb 06, 2002 LISCR welcomes Russian boost for tanker owners