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Marine Documents
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Marine Notices

Liberian Marine Notices are identified by Subject matter and sequence number. The applicable section of the Maritime Regulation or the Maritime Law will be identified on the reference line where applicable.

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New Number Previous Number Description Issue Email  
INDEX 2017 INDEX 12/16 Index Rev.2017 2017 Email notice PDF
ADM-001 ADM-001 Issuance of Marine Notices. 06/12 Email notice PDF
ADM-002 ADM-002 Official and Other Forms and Publications. 06/12 Email notice PDF
ADM-003 ADM-003 Consolidated List of Fees and Charges. 01/12 Email notice PDF
ADM-004 ADM-004 List of Office and Service Locations. 06/12 Email notice PDF
ADM-005 1-079-1 Services of Liberian Consular Offices. 06/12 Email notice PDF
ADM-006 ADM-006 Familiarization with Liberian National Maritime Legislation. 06/12 Email notice PDF
ADM-007 ADM-007 Requirements on Carriage of Publications On Board Ships. 06/12 Email notice PDF
ADM-008 ADM-008 IMO Unique Company and Registered Owner Identification Number Scheme. 06/12 Email notice PDF
AFS-001 AFS-001 International Convention on the Corntol of Harmful Anti-fouling Systems on Ships, 2001. 06/12 Email notice PDF
FIR-001 FIR-001 Maintenance and Inspection of Fire-Protection Systems and Appliances. 06/12 Email notice PDF
FIR-002 FIR-002 Fire Extinguishing Requirements for Paint and Flammable Liquid Lockers. 06/12 Email notice PDF
FTP-001 FTP-001 Requirements for Engaging in Transshipment Activities. 09/15 Email notice PDF
FTP-002 FTP-002 Requirements for Liberian Reefer Vessels Engaged in Transshipment or Port to Port Transport of Fish Destined for European Ports. 12/16 Email notice PDF
INS-001 INS-001 Safety Inspections of Liberian Ships. 06/12 Email notice PDF
INS-002 INS-002 Alternate Safety Inspection Program. 06/12 Email notice PDF
INS-003 2/035/2 National Safety Requirements for Misc and Non-SOLAS Vessels. 06/12 Email notice PDF
INS-004 INS-004 Operational/Safety Checklist for SOLAS 1974, as amended, Requirements. 06/12 Email notice PDF
INT-001 INT-001 International Maritime Conventions, Protocols and Amendments to which Liberia is a Party. 06/12 Email notice PDF
INT-002 INT-002 Cancelled 11/02 Email notice  
INT-003 INT-003 Maritime Transport concerning Liberian and Chinese Registered Vessels. 02/16 Email notice PDF
ISM-001 ISM-001 International Safety Management Code (ISM Code). 06/12 Email notice PDF
ISM-002 ISM-002 Cancelled 11/02 Email notice  
ISM-003 ISM-003 Harmonized Intl. Safety Management (ISM) & Intl. Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Audits. 06/12 Email notice PDF
ISP-001 ISP-001 International Ship & Port Facility Security Code (ISPS Code). 06/12 Email notice PDF
ISP-002 ISP-002 Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR). 06/12 Email notice PDF
ISP-003 ISP-003 Long Range Identification and Tracking of Ships (LRIT). 06/12 Email notice PDF
ISP-004 ISP-004 Stowaways 11/13 Email notice PDF
MAN-001 MAN-001 Manning of Vessels and Principles of Watchkeeping. 06/12 Email notice PDF
MAN-002 10-292-2 PUMS; Requirements for Safety of Operation & Reduced Manning. 06/12 Email notice PDF
MAN-003 MAN-003  Cancelled 11/02 Email notice  
MAN-004 MAN-004 Manning Requirements for Mobile Offshore Units (MOUs) 06/12 Email notice PDF
MLC-001 MLC-001 Implementation, Inspections and Certification under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006. 02/17 Email notice PDF
MLC-002 MLC-002 Minimum requirements for seafarers to work on a ship under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006. 02/17 Email notice PDF
MLC-003 MLC-003 Terms and Conditions for employment of seafarers under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006. 02/17 Email notice PDF
MLC-004 MLC-004 Standards of accommodation, recreational facilities, food, water and catering under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006. 02/17 Email notice PDF
MLC-005 MLC-005 Health and safety protection, accident prevention, medical care, welfare and social security protection of seafarer's under the Maritime Labour Convention (MLC), 2006. 02/17 Email notice PDF
MLC-006 MLC-006 On-board Complaint handling procedures. 12/13 Email notice  PDF
NAV-001 10-296-1 Safety of Navigation - Nautical Charts, Publications and Notices to Mariners. 06/12 Email notice PDF
NAV-002 10-296-3 Danger Messages: Hydrographic and Meteorological Information; Cooperation with Hydrographic Services and Meteorological Organizations. 06/12 Email notice PDF
NAV-003 1-040-1 Protection of the Great Barrier Reef Region and the Torres Strait-Compulsory Pilotage Requirement. 06/12 Email notice PDF
POL-001 POL-001 MARPOL, Prevention of Pollution from ships. 06/12 Email notice PDF
POL-002 2-037-1 Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Systems (ODMCS). 06/12 Email notice PDF
POL-003 2-037-8 Approval of Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan or a Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plans. 06/12 Email notice PDF
POL-004 POL-004 Useful and Practical Information about Cleansing Agents & Their Impact upon Oil Pollution Prevention Equipment for Machinery Space Bilges. 06/12 Email notice PDF
POL-005 2-038-6 Ballast Water Management Plans (BWMP). 06/12 Email notice PDF
POL-006 POL-006 Reports Alleging Inadequate MARPOL Port Reception Facilities. 07/12 Email notice PDF
POL-007 2-035-11 Use of Halogenated Hydrocarbons (Halons) and Other Ozone Depleting Substances. 06/12 Email notice PDF
POL-008 POL-008 MARPOL 73/78 Condition Assessment Scheme. 06/12 Email notice PDF
POL-009 POL-009 Implementation of Revised Annex VI, Regulations for the Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships, of MARPOL. 06/14 Email notice PDF
POL-010 POL-010 Requirements for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Management Plans. 4/10 Email notice