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Maritime Security Department

Current Security Level: 1

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Marine Notice ISP-001 (PDF)
List of Approved SSO Courses (Link)
SSP Questionnaire (PDF)

The Liberian Administration actively participated in the development of the Security Regulations and will work with our clients to see that they are properly implemented. The Security Department is responsible for:

  • Development of Liberian requirements for ISPS compliance,
  • Security Plan approval,
  • Verification of the Security Plan implementation,
  • Oversight of the RSOs and Liberian security auditors,
  • Issue certification,
  • Setting and communicating security levels to Liberian ships.
  • Development and distribute Continuous Synopsis Record.


LIBERIAN vessel operators are invited to use the services offered by our Security Department and contact us to coordinate the verifications.

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For further information, please contact:

Jorgen Palmbak
Phone: (703) 251-2405
Fax: (703) 790-5655