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Seafarer's Electronic Application (SEA) System
Innovation in IT web-based applications
Reduces the Time and Expense of the
Certification and Documentation of Seafarers

SEA is a Secure Web-Based Application designed specifically for submitting complete, well documented, STCW compliant seafarer applications for Officer's Certificate of Competency; Officer and Rating Seafarer Identification books; Special Qualification Endorsements; and Certificate of Receipt of Application.


SEA was designed in 2005 in participation with our clients, senior marine staff, and flag and port state control representatives. Of utmost importance for all involved in the development of SEA was the security of information, transparency of transaction, and the ability to track the progress of an application. The Web-based SEA was Beta tested in November of 2005 and rolled out for full implementation in January of 2006. SEA has fully delivered on all of its features.

The objectives for SEA are increased operational productivity and transparency, leading to greater efficiency, security, control, and ultimately, lower costs and increased customer satisfaction. The integrated SEA process provides visibility into the activities of all of our partners’ applications - and into the information required to complete their steps in the process.

As a web-based application, SEA System serves as the client software, making it possible for users to access the application from almost any computer anywhere in the world. Our users can access the application from computers running different operating systems (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X) without having to worry about compatibility issues. Our web server can host multiple instances of the application which allows for the distribution of work load, real time quality assurance, and when needed, direct online intervention on the client’s behalf.

Feature Benefit

Provides connectivity through any ISP anywhere in the world - simple to navigate; allows for direct online support for clients.


Promotes E-Business - securely and cost-effectively managing the expanding number of people, in a wide variety of roles, requesting access to information.

SEA was designed to integrate Biometric features, which are ready for implementation once an international standard, such as ILO Convention 185 is enacted.

Flexibility Allows for multiple business model levels of use and authorization.
Scalability and Responsiveness Designed to be modified and remain current with IMO and port state requirements; automatically generates a requirements list of documents based on the applications applied for.
Affordability Minimizes capital outlay; SEA users need little training; no major hardware investment; SEA is presently available for use free by all Liberian Registry filing agents and can be made available to other flag registries for a licensing fee.
Ability for Processing Tracking Captures automatically all key strokes and stores them in the database allowing for auditable process searches from submittal to issuance; Cost savings - faster turnaround time as each step is monitored and measured; reduction in courier, mailing, and handling fees as the applications are delivered electronically to the registry.

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For more information about the SEA System, please contact us at